• ADOPTED FROM:Vancouver, WA Humane Society
  • ADOPTION DATE:July 24, 2016
  • NICKNAMES:Mr. Pete & Sweetie Petey
  • ADOPTED BY:SeAnne & Scott Holmes // Instagram: @seanneholmes + @thebobscott
  • FAVORITE OUTDOOR SPOT:Petey loves to hike especially on the Oregon coast and road trips
  • PERSONALITY TRAITS:He loves an unstuffed fox name Fred and carries him everywhere, he doesn’t like raw veggies except frozen peas, he’ll find the smallest patch of sun and lay in it all day, even if that sun spot is on a wall—he’ll just stand in it so his face is in the sun. He loves snuggles and treats!
  • MORE ABOUT PETEY:Petey had a tough life, found on the streets in California and put in a high kill shelter. Moved to a shelter in Washington and then finally to the Humane Society. He was adopted once and brought back after a week because their cat didn’t like him. He was then attacked by a large dog who broke his little jaw and he has a large scar on his back. He is very nervous around other dogs while on a leash but he absolutely loves people and will walk up to anyone for a quick snuggle. He has very bad separation anxiety but is working hard to be a happy little dog.
July 10, 2018 by Chris Cook