• ADOPTED FROM:Fur Baby Dog Rescue, Downtown Los Angeles
  • ADOPTION DATE:April, 2016
  • NICKNAME:Pea Pod
  • ADOPTED BY:Meagan Holder // Instagram: @meaganholder
  • FAVORITE DOG FRIENDLY SPOT IN TOWN:His daycare: Citydog Club in Culvar City
  • FAVORITE OUTDOOR SPOT:Our Backyard, with his soccer ball
  • PERSONALITY TRAITS:Parker is incredibly nosy- if every human left their front door open he would happily walk in and scope out their entire house, eventually making himself right at home. He's also obsessed with playing fetch with his soccer ball or tennis ball. If anyone comes over to the house, he assumes you're here for him and heads straight to the yard for his ball. He is very proud of his handshake, his favorite trick.

July 11, 2018 by Chris Cook